Programming heuristics new creative therapeutic current J. C. Naranjo Alcega Ph. D.


Hipnosis Heurística Dr. Naranjo AlcegaHello! Welcome to this new stream of communication and change .

Perhaps you have heard about on the Heuristic programming method (TR) and you've asked yourself the question: What is it?

No doubt the experience, the practice and research, every day they give us options to improve our capabilities, both personal and professional. And develop new forms of communication objective, It give more influence in interpersonal relations capacity. It is a tool of behavioural change, of beliefs, in coaching sessions or as a therapeutic alternative.

The method of heuristic programming is a unique method that is extremely easy to learn and use, wide range of use.

It is possible to obtain a quick and effective change in a natural way, the collaboration partner interested in a process of change or conflict resolution.

It would be desirable that you could learn more about this new school of psycho dynamic intervention and whether it is possible to train you on it. You be surprised how different that is to other schools and how easy that is; persuade, communicate, sugestionar or Hypnotize just talking.

Heuristic programming method

Origin of method

Creative psychotherapy